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    Seriously. Like so serious that this FAQ needed to be asked in all-caps. No one wants to be excited about a product, but then turned off by a surprisingly enormous shipping cost right at the moment they're about to check out. On Another Sellout, the price is the price. Seriously.
  • Why is the site in $USD?
    Another Sellout is a global e-commerce platform, so it made the most sense to list all prices in $USD. Love it or not, it's still the most widely-used global currency, making it the easiest to for all customers to mentally convert the cost of orders to their local currency.
  • Where will my items ship from?
    Every effort is made to fulfil and ship orders domestically if possible. Each product page lists the fulfillment locations for that type of product. For example, T-shirt orders are fulfilled in USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Latvia, Mexico, or Spain. If you're ordering from one of these countries, your T-shirts will ship from your country, with exceptions only made if inventory cannot cover your entire order in one location, or if there are mixed items in a single order. For example, a face mask and a T-shirt in an order will fulfil and ship both items from either Latvia or Mexico, as those are the two locations that fulfil BOTH masks and T-shirts. For details, always look at the individual product pages to determine where your order is most likely to ship from.
  • Is all clothing gender neutral?
    Unless specifically stated in the product description, all items are gender neutral. Currenlty, only the men's briefs are gender-specific, and only because the supplier isn't able to print a similar design for women - at least for now.
  • Why are all of your designs black?
    Have you ever stepped foot in an ad agency? Everyone wears black. Plus, it's a core colour for the Another Sellout brand that would just get diluted if you could suddenly buy our T-Shirts in teal or purple.
  • If I see something I like on a T-Shirt, can I get it on a hat? Or something else?"
    Short answer: Absolutely!... but it depends. Just drop a line in the CONTACT section and we can work out the details.
  • What's your return policy?
    Our return policy can be found HERE
  • How will I know if I'm ordering the right size?
    Where appropriate, product pages feature sizing charts, like this one. We recommend you compare the sizes on the charts with similar items you already own that you know fit you well. This way you'll be able to order with confidence as you'll have a better idea of what to expect.
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