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Working on Computer
I wanted to create something unique.
A functioning
e-commerce platform dedicated to this crazy advertising business that would serve as part love letter, part satire. 

Jed Churcher

Jed Headshot Clipped.png

February, 2021.


I'd just lost my job as Creative Director at a large multinational agency, which left me with time... time to reflect on my 22 consecutive years working full-time in advertising agencies.

I’ve written and produced everything from fast food tray liners, to radio ads, to websites, banner ads, and social media posts, to multi-million-dollar TV campaigns shot around the world. It’s been a wonderful ride in a truly awesome business.

I've decided that before I jumped back into agency life to work on someone else's brand, I wanted to create my own brand – one you might say I've been subconsciously working on for the last 22 years.

To all of the wonderfully insane people I’ve shared the last two decades with, creating ads for the world’s biggest brands, all while laughing our heads off, I hope you enjoy the platform.

Be sure to read all of the product body copy (classic writer request), and please, before you go, at least pick up a T-Shirt, ok?

(couldn’t resist ending on a CTA)

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